What Is Your Daily Mojo?

What Is Your Daily Mojo?

So more than fifty percent of people walk into a studio, with the intention of having weight loss one way or another, having different goals to be 5,10,20 pounds lighter from this routine. But I religiously stuck to it because it was an outlet for me to overcome the resistance thoughts inside my head. All that “baggage” was starting to weigh me down with my new start-up company having a million and one things to do and take care of every day.

Hence, the yoga studio became the peaceful sanctuary by my 4 x 6 feet space, where the entire rest of the world could fall away into the background over that course of 90 -120 minutes at that time. It was one of the only rare moments I could practice letting it all go then. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

The routine was intense enough to require my full attention, but not so much that it would bring physical harm or risk to myself having continual repetitive practice. So it was a perfect system set up for me. In fact, everything else that was a physical manifestation from it was a bonus. Being flexible, getting leaner and toner, growing stronger, and competing alongside others, that was just the fun and upside of it. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

What Is Your Daily Mojo?

That year, I had a personal goal to set aside quality time for myself. Real quality “me time”. And I found it, I found my “mojo” by a stroke of luck and a moment of the impulse to really do something about it. I put my intention out there to the universe and hearing a friend casually mentioned it once to me before, that voice just came right back to me again.

I knew that if I started researching or reading up about the sport too much, I would weigh pros and cons and an array of other alternative options and get myself tangled in a web so I jumped in with two feet and I signed up with my very first yoga studio in Taipei. No questions asked. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

I set aside at least 2 hours a day for 5 days a week just to cultivate that discipline and patience over my first 2 years no matter where I am on the globe, I clocked in at least a whole thousand hours of practice with some of the most amazing studios across the cities in Asia. After this, I moved on to learn new forms of exercises to build my physical strength to match that flexibility safely with my own stretching & meditative practices at home.

It was after all, never about mastering the postures. I went in with the intention to master myself. To own my body and my mind and everything else that came along with it. Creating hundreds of variations with what our body can do is simply man’s creative ways of keeping a person “entertained” and having them have some form of “goal” to achieve that perfect standing bow pose or attain that strong concrete ninety degrees awkward pose. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

We were innately built to be easily distracted hence it was almost necessary to build the routine and system this way to keep a person focused for a long time and have something to work towards or else it loses its purpose and self-motivation to continue with the practice. Ultimately, we want to witness physical evidence of progress & results. Yoga translates it physically & mentally because we hold ourselves as the tool to achieve that focus and concentration. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

Would you attend a class that consists of just 2 poses over the course of an hour or more every single day? Not only would you be bored out of your mind, but you also wouldn’t even show up or feel inspired to attempt the poses. That is why so many different forms of yoga were invented and created by gurus and generations of ancient history. As long as there is one person on this planet doing it over & over again, there must be value in it that you too, can own and possess, if you would just allow yourself to keep an open mind & heart to all different forms. I have tried them all and each and every one of them, I have reaped its full benefits. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

What Is Your Daily Mojo?

Because underneath everything about that posture, it is very simple just having something to hold as our object of attention to bring ourselves back as “one”. In this case, yoga allows us to hold “ourselves” literally, as our own object of attention and that’s why I find this practice so beautiful and effective. It is static enough in nature to allow you to think with deliberate intent, but intense enough to challenge your stamina and strength to keep you busy and productive with your physical self.

We don’t take nearly enough time to take a good look at, or rather, look right through, ourselves in the mirror every day. And this practice allows that. That’s why over the course of time with regular practice, you come to love yourself more. You appreciate your body more as you get your mind to think in harmony with your true and authentic happy self. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

So recently I pulled out an entry I have written just 3 months into practicing this form of yoga, one of my very first adventurous stunt & attempt to do this form of yoga also commonly known as Bikram yoga. It is 26 Postures, 90 minutes in a 40 degrees hot room and I wanted to just share my experience and thoughts on it when I was a beginner. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

It was really interesting to look back and feel grateful about the way I started and never looked back on some of my choices & decisions I’ve made in this lifetime. This is definitely one of them. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

So here goes my journal entry… What Is Your Daily Mojo?

“I still remember my very first class in the studio – I was an utter and complete clueless yoga virgin. I placed the sticky side of the mat upwards, stared at my neighbor yogis curiously while they each did their own warm-up stretches while I sat on my mat and wriggled my toes. (With the mat still facing the wrong way up) The real nightmare started when the lights were turned on at 5.30 sharp. The heat soared inside me internally before the 1st posture even begun while doing pranayama breathing exercises. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

I fumbled clumsily with the posture, practically missing every first set trying to steal a glance from my neighbor yogis left and right. I was so busy and preoccupied that I didn’t even have an extra moment to try and figure out the various body anatomy terms for each posture booming from the teacher’s voice. It was just a faint buzzing sound and foreign language in the background with my body trying to keep up with every visual image I could capture with my eyes and my mind wandering in all directions trying to put all the bits and pieces of gathered information together.

I’ve never felt more disconnected and disoriented in my life but at the same time, I’ve never felt a stronger force of will and empowerment to focus and concentrate before. I summoned every ounce of energy to battle against the heat and pouring sweat dribbling down my eyes stinging them with every quiver, with every smallest movement. I felt every muscle in my body ripping apart with the throbbing pain searing through every inch of my physical body, but at the same time, it seems to have awakened and heightened every single one of my senses almost simultaneously, with every stretch and every bend in the 26 postures. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

At the end of the 90 minutes of hell and back, something magical happened. As I literally collapsed on my back for the final savasana (corpse pose), I closed my eyes and instantaneously, I felt all strings of thoughts clearing out from my head. I could almost see them (my thoughts) in words and pictures literally leaving my physical body – along with all the pain that I felt from the initial 90 minutes workout. Just when I thought I would shut my eyes, pass out and never wake again, on the 91st minute, I felt as though a huge boulder inside me was lifted off. I felt as light as a feather and I was on cloud nine. With every breath I exhaled, it brought me a sense of calm I have never experienced in my entire life. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

There and then I knew, if I centered my life around the yoga practice, I could find the balance, inner quiet, and control of the mind I wanted and desired for all these years. Week after week, I took each and every baby steps with the studio’s dedicated teachers and with each new day, I slowly realign myself, not only physically during the sessions, but also with new thoughts, positive affirmations, and encouragement. With gradual and consistent effort daily, there was crystal clear evidence of progress day by day, as the constant old pain in my bad knee disappeared and the flexibility in my body increased by leaps and bounds compared with my initial futile attempts to even touch my toes when I first started out. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

I knew all of this was physical evidence of how far I’ve learned to stretch the mind. Training myself to positive expectations, I quickly delivered positive results. I was gaining stronger control of my mind and thinking the thoughts rather than let the thoughts think me. I started to understand, that if my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I know for sure my body can achieve it. And I can take the same belief and apply it to every aspect of my life, not only in yoga practice. My awareness for ‘self’ became more acute as I grow to become more and more aware of my body, I also learn to steadily connect the mind with it and slowly but surely, I will be able to connect myself spiritually with body, mind, and soul, ultimately – with ease. What Is Your Daily Mojo?

Discovering yoga opened up a whole new chapter in my life and not only does it intrigue and fascinate me with every new knowledge I receive, but I must also say that it is one of the most significant turning points in my life. I am thankful and grateful for every moment with fellow yogis and teachers I’ve had the chance to come in contact with along the way, embarking and exploring the path of this newfound lifelong commitment and practice. I think all the yogis on this earth are a truly fortunate and blessed handful of people, who has gotten a chance to take a peek into the world from a different light and seize each new day with true appreciation and gratitude, embracing the true spirit of yoga. What Is Your Daily Mojo?


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