The Number 1 Surgery That Women Don’t Need



The Number 1 Surgery That Women Don’t Need


So you’re in the market for hysterectomy, are you? Well, we’ve got some information that will hopefully steer you away from this surgery that women don’t really need. Women are lead to believe a hysterectomy is good because of the “instant relief” factor. What most women don’t consider is the long-term damage it can have on your health.The Number 1 Surgery That Women Don’t Need

Whether you have fibroids, ovarian cysts, or endometriosis, the decision to get a hysterectomy isn’t something that you should say yes to. A female’s reproductive organs are essential to womanhood from the time a woman starts puberty until she is in menopause. By removing any part of the female reproductive system, a woman immediately throws off her hormonal balance. This can launch a younger woman into menopause and can make weight loss near impossible.

Did you know that there are over half a million hysterectomies performed every year in America? How are all these surgeries necessary? The reason for this is because doctors sway you into thinking that the procedure is absolutely necessary and that alternative or natural remedies won’t be effective. Additionally, a hysterectomy can cost anywhere from $8,000-$15,000. Multiply that cost by half a million and that’s a boatload of money that doctors are making.

The Number 1 Surgery That Women Don’t Need

The number one thing to take into account is that losing weight after a hysterectomy can be a major issue. This is because you throw off your hormonal balance. When you have a hormonal imbalance, it becomes hard for your body to process things and regulate normal functions; thus, losing weight can become difficult and gaining weight can happen easily. This can be compared to having a thyroid problem. If your thyroid or adrenal glands are not functioning correctly, for example, weight loss or gain can be a constant uphill battle.

An important thing to remember is that the female reproductive system contains organs, which can be regenerated via natural remedies. One of the best ways to breathe new life into your organs is by cleansing them. You can target a specific organ or cleanse the entire body. Fibroid tumors, for instance, can be remedied by cleansing the body, staying properly hydrated, drinking apple cider vinegar, using a castor oil pack, and eating foods with strong antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It may take longer to get rid of them, but it is better than disturbing your hormonal balance for the rest of your life.

The best way to lose weight for women with hormonal imbalances is to first lower stress levels. Cortisol (a.k.a. the stress hormone) encourages blood sugar to convert into long-term fat storage. Now, this is beneficial if you are surviving in the wild, but chances are that you don’t want to store fat for a long time. Ways to combat these stress levels can include yoga, Tai Chi, or other breathing exercises. These exercises can help lower stress and establish a healthy digestive system which is integral for weight loss.

The Number 1 Surgery That Women Don’t Need

Cardio exercises are beneficial because they boost endorphins, speed up your metabolism, and strengthen your immune system. Additionally, watch your caloric intake. You don’t want to be consuming more calories than you are burning. Eating too much can also be common for those who get hysterectomies. Because hormones are out of whack, you will most likely crave salty, sugary, or fatty foods, all of which can lead to weight gain.

This is a lot of information to take in, and it’s not even everything. For more medical explanations, you can read our article on hysterectomies. We just want to encourage women to try alternative remedies before delving into a surgery that is dangerous and unnecessary.The Number 1 Surgery That Women Don’t Need

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