Cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet is a radical weight loss diet designed around heavy consumption of a low-calorie cabbage soup over seven days. It is generally considered a fad diet, in that it is designed for short-term weight-loss and requires no long-term commitment.[1]

The typical claimed intent of the diet is to lose 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of weight in a week,[2] though nutritional experts point out that it is nearly impossible to lose that much fat within a week: much of the weight lost is water.

Background Cabbage soup diet

The origins of the diet are unknown, and it first gained popularity as a piece of faxlore in the 1980s. The cabbage soup diet has many names, usually linking the diet to a mainstream institution, including the “Sacred Heart Diet”, “Military Cabbage Soup”, “TJ Miracle Soup Diet”, and “Russian Peasant Diet”. All of the institutions named have denied a link with the diet.[3] As a general rule, most if not all forms of the diet emphasize that the dieter can consume as much cabbage soup as he/she wants.

Criticism Cabbage soup diet

Many individuals and medical professionals are critical of the diet.[4]
Most of the weight lost is water and not fat, and therefore not permanent. The amount of calories per day while on the diet is far lower than what is considered safe for long term consumption. In addition, the recipe for the soup as often given has an extremely high sodium content, usually to make it palatable, and the diet provides practically zero protein for several days at a time. Many people report feeling weak and light-headed during the course of the diet.

On a practical level, the most common forms of the soup recipe have been criticized as being bland, though spicy variations have appeared. Even so, the blandness of the soup means that few manage the entire seven days, and often report feeling nauseated whenever they smell the soup toward the end of the week-long diet. It has also been noted that flatulence is a common side effect of the diet.

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This Article was on Google Free Diet Story I thought it would be nice to share!


Jennie’s Story – 37 Pounds Lost*, Sugar Addiction Gone

*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.


testimonial-Jennie.jpgAt 47 years old, I was addicted to sugar and needed a change. It scared me to see my mom give herself an insulin injection. I did not want diabetes, but I felt like I was headed in that direction. My bad eating habits had made me gain weight over the years and I was never successful at losing it permanently. I had tried different plans and found them hard to stick to; I would always go back to my old ways. Over the years, I started having issues with plantar fasciitis, knee and back pain, heartburn that kept me awake at night, headaches, regular sinus problems, heart palpitations, difficulty sleeping, and heavy menstrual periods. I just didn’t feel very healthy.

Where Jennie’s Journey Began

When my sister, JoAnn Ridout, started working at Nutritional Weight and Wellness, she figured out what foods she was sensitive to and learned which foods might be causing her aches and pains. As she shared what she had learned, the more interested I became.

I started listening to the podcasts on the Nutritional Weight and Wellness website. I started to make a few small changes at a time; using organic coconut oil instead of shortening, olive oil instead of canola oil, and cold-pressed organic mayonnaise instead of regular store-bought mayo.

Help!  I’m a Sugar Addict!

I admit it…I was a sugar addict. My candy dish was always full. But when I gave up sugar, all of those issues I had been having went away! What most people don’t realize is that sugar causes inflammation in your body and inflammation causes joint and back pain, plantar fasciitis, heartburn, headaches, heavy menstrual periods, etc.


I also knew my metabolism was a problem; I had none. I found an article on the Nutritional Weight and Wellness website about how you can restart your metabolism. I didn’t think that was possible! It explained how years of eating sugar and processed foods were slowing my metabolism, making me gain weight and making me tired. That was when everything started to make sense.

Even after a couple of weeks, I noticed a huge difference. I was using all the real foods that I love: meat, eggs, full-fat dairy, nuts, olives, butter, olive oil, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Because I was eating protein, good fat, and vegetable carbs 4-5 times a day, the weight started coming off and it became easy to follow. I didn’t know I could feel this good! I was motivated to stick with it and never go back to eating junk. At first, it took a while for me to wrap my head around all of these new concepts that no one else had ever taught me, but now it makes perfect sense.

I planned to add exercise to my new way of living, but I needed to take one thing at a time, so I concentrated my efforts on nutrition first. Even though I hadn’t started a regular exercise plan, I still lost 37 pounds*. I even noticed considerable fat loss without hitting the gym, so I knew my metabolism had been kick-started. Now, I have started exercising three times a week and plan to build up from there.

Weight Loss is a Family Affair

As an added bonus, my husband lost 15 pounds (and counting) after I made changes to the way we ate. His biggest change was switching from non-dairy coffee creamer to heavy cream in his coffee. He has watched me go through this transformation and has been supportive of all of my changes. He knows I have been struggling with my weight all these years and I that finally found the answers I was looking for.

Does Jennie’s story sound familiar?  Are you battling sugar addiction too?  Create your own success story by enrolling in the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss program today.  The 12-week program is available in-person or online and includes a consultation with a licensed nutritionist.

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